ROCKWOOL is proud to present the Denmark Sail GP team

ROCKWOOL is proud to sponsor the first-ever Danish SailGP team to compete against other national teams racing in supercharged F50 boats at electrifying speeds exceeding 100 km/t – inside city harbours! First stop is Sydney!

Sail GP, CEO Jens Birgerrson,

Sustainability Report 2018

We strive to increase our positive impact on people and society by maximising our positive product impact and minimising our operational footprint.

Here's how we ensure impact is built-in.

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WILL BE DELETED  (safety issues) Man riding a bicycle in front of a red wall. Used for Sustainability Report 2018.
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We need to continue working hard to produce even better products and leaving a smaller footprint in the process – that includes thinking sustainability into our products, operations, and R&D as well.

Jens Birgersson

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